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Airtel, makes Person-to-Person Money Transfers in Rwanda absolutely FREE to reduce risk in the spread of Corona Virus

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In the wake of the ongoing spread of coronavirus globally, Airtel Rwanda announced today, the extension of its ongoing “Send Money for Free- Mukazi Kose “campaign for all Airtel Money users.

Airtel Money users in Rwanda will continue to freely send money to their friends and family or pay for goods and services at zero cost, to further foster the idea of a cash light society.

Amit Chawla, Managing Director at Airtel Rwanda, expressed: “Our commitment and responsibility towards our customers and staff has never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He added: “As Airtel we are working closely with the Government of Rwanda Response team to continuously monitor the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the coronavirus and are doing all that is needed to reduce interactions between people, transfers of cash by hand being one critical element”

Airtel believes that its free person to person transfercampaign significantly contributes to cutting the risks of virus transfer that cash exposes. Airtel Rwanda has made this service completely free so that any Airtel Customer can send or receive cash without contact with one another and in real time, irrespective of the location. This service will also help in social distancing and is completely free.

To send money or pay for services, customer simply dial *500# and follow the prompts on the menu.

Speaking at the Mu Kazi Kose launch earlier this year , Hon Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT and Innovation said “  The initiative of making mobile payments of utilities  free and sending  money is a good step in driving mobile inclusion in the country, not only digital inclusion but financial inclusion”

Airtel is also in close partnership with the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) and the Government of Rwanda through creating awareness and sharing precaution messages to citizens. A toll free number 114 has also been made available for the ease of reporting suspected cases.

To support the campaign, a caller tune with key messages is activated by default for Airtel subscribers.

Over the next couple of weeks, customers will be kept posted on the development and further offers will be extended to ease communications.

Alongside the free person to person, Airtel Rwanda has also launched a number of lucrative cashless services to enhance convenience of payment for its subscribers, among them:-

  • Waiving of transaction fees on water bill payment
  • Offering a cash bonus on electricity recharges
  • Up to 30% bonus given on any voice or data bundle purchased with Airtel money


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