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Karongi: Student Ask for Review of Lessons Taught during Covid 19 lockdown

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With all schools on lockdown due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Rwanda Education Board (REB) on March 30, launched an e-learning YouTube channel to facilitate students to study at home as uncertainty on when schools will reopen continues.

Also the same classes have been running on the national broadcaster Rwanda Broadcasting Agency both  TV and Radio on selected days

But mixed feelings regarding e-learning have persisted, with students, parents and teachers alike welcoming it albeit highlighting challenges.

Others have noted that it cannot be a replacement for the normal classroom mode of learning they were used to.

For Iradukanda Sam from Musasa villiage Cyimbo cell Karongi district studying Maths, Physics and chemistry GS Kibuye, says they are preparing for exams at the end of the lockdown but notes that the digital capabilities are not distributed equally across homes in the country

“Some REB platforms are not user friendly. Since the internet is very expensive to be afforded by most of us in the country side,” he says.

“Even the courses that pass on TVs and radio cannot be relied on since most of the times we have to work the gardens when these casted are being broadcasted” he added.

Manirakarama Celestine the head teacher at GS Hanika Gishyita Sector, Buhooro cell, Tura village karongi district say this kind of is good for fast learners who grasp lessons easily, but “not for slow learners” who need a teacher’s physical presence to pause and explain where they do not understand during a lesson.

“There are children who take a long time to understand and you have to give different examples and illustrations for them to grasp things. You give them exercises and do corrections until they grasp

He says the government’s effort in e-learning is good but kids from families that cannot afford the requisite technology during this lockdown should be thought about.

Claudine Mutuyeyezu a mother of 4 school going children from Gitege village Gitwa cell in Rubengera sector says the lessons taught in the lockdown should be reviewed and taught again when schools open in September.

“Basically my children have not learned anything in this whole lockdown since they can’t afford the internet and the lessons on the radio are very hard to follow for TV. We don’t own one since we don’t have electricity.”

In a recent interview , Irénée Ndayambaje, REB Director-General, said they know that it is not everyone who can access the internet.

As such, he noted, they do their best to ease access so that more people can access and it is done through disseminating information through other channels including TVs and Radio.

Ndushabandi Charles

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