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TAMU SANITARY PADS, a product by Inovos Ltd in Rwanda, was the winner of the 2021 HYGIENE & SANITATION BRAND OF THE YEAR Award

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At the awards ceremony for the best service providers of the just ended year 2021.The awards were presented this Sunday, February 27, 2022 at the Marriot Hotel in Kigali, for which in their category TAMU SANITARY PADS won with a landslide victory.

Inovos Ltd launched Tamu Sanitary Pads during the menstrual cycle campaign that run a couple of years ago. Eight hygiene companies competed alongside Inovos Ltd in a competition organized by Kalisimbi Events.

Mrs. Uwineza Liliane Kai, Representative Inovos Ltd, told UMUSEKE that she was happy there was a platform offered to the consumers to vote for their favorite products and was very happy with the organizational initiative taken by Karisimbi Events.

RURA Representative Rtd ACP Tony Kulamba with Liliane Uwineza holding the trophy

This award, she said would serve as additional morale in the steps she and her team are taking to better improve delivery and performance over this year.
She thanked her team at Inovos for working tirelessly not only to put the product out there during times of immense regional and global challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but mainly for their commitment in staying the fight.

She says she is; “especially grateful to their customers because they have played the most important role in all this by the great feedback they give us as well as the critical feedback we receive that allows us to adjust as we go. This award empowers us to continue to achieve more.”

Tamu Sanitary Pad’s winning attribute with its family of fans she says: is its Ultra thin body shape that’s also super absorbent in practice. You get the feeling you aren’t putting anything on and still have no worries of filling up. That’s the speciality that is Tamu Sanitary Pads; Says Mrs. Uwineza.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry says that efforts have been made to improve the service sector, as Rwanda aims to increase the level of service delivery by 2024.The recipients of the award for their service to the community are 71, who are in various categories including hotels, tourism, business and other basic necessities.

Other winners were selected by the community through the Murandasi website at It is an event attended by various stakeholders, including the National Governance Board, the RGB, the RDB Development Board, the Ministry of Commerce and industry and the private sector.

Mugisha Emmanuel, Director of Concert Planning and Youth Development, said, “This event helps to improve the service level and highlight the importance of the service to the country of Rwanda.”

Speaking to the participants at the awards ceremony, Mr. Jonas, Director General of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, said: .
Overall, the national average is 74.1%, with the highest level of security at 91.6% and the highest in agriculture at 59.5%.

The goal is that by 2024 the public will be happy with the services provided at a rate of over 90%, of the more than 300 participants in the competition who have been rewarded with 71.

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